Protonet is a startup from Hamburg that develops private cloud servers with built-in social network.

Besides having an awesome product and their office right next to my apartment they also hosted a hackathon last weekend and invited everyone to realize their ideas for more independence in any form.

My friend Benjamin and I presented REBEL NEWS, our idea for more independent news coverage that is not distorted by censorship or biased views.

REBEL NEWS is a theme for wordpress that allows anyone to create a news-site with hundreds of relevant comments on articles based on tweets or other user generated sources.

So how does it work? Lets imagine there is a conflict in a country without free press and with censored news. People often use twitter or other platforms to share their view on things and surpass government censorship. REBEL NEWS lets you define tags with every wordpress post and accumulates tweets based on your tags to display them as comments below your wordpress-post.

So lets say you are in Hongkong and participating at the recent protests against the government. You could set up a news site by installing the REBEL NEWS theme and post a short article about the protests. Add the tags #umbrellarevolution, #hongkong and publish your post. REBEL news will now automatically display all relevant tweets ordered by relevancy and recency that contain the hashtags #umbrellarevolution and #hongkong below your article. By exporting your posts you can set up clones of your news-site and escape censorship by government and other institutions.

Benjamin and I are still working on REBEL NEWS and will announce the release as soon as we get our first version done.

Our team finished a first rough draft at the hackathon which is a great thing, considering we only had one and a half days to get there. Many thanks go to Markus, Oscar and Marin for creating REBEL NEWS with us.

I also want to thank the awesome protonet team for hosting the hackathon and giving us the opportunity to realize our ideas. If you are interested in sovereignty of your data you should have a look at

Stay tuned for updates on REBEL NEWS.

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