Heads up: no pictures cause I lost my phone…

So I packed my stuff and started travelling a few weeks ago. First stop: Buenos Aires, capital of tango, mate, soccer and delicious steaks.

But first I had to get there… ahead of me was a 27 hour flight from Hamburg to BA with stops in Frankfurt, Puerto Rico and Panama. First thing I learned on my trip is that Puerto Rico is US-territory and you obviously need an ESTA-admission to be allowed to stop there for transit. A kind lady at the check in in Frankfurt told me that 20 minutes before my flight took off to Puerto Rico. So I pulled out my notebook and navigated through ESTA form as quick as I could. A couple of well thought of (sarcasm off) questions and about one day later I landed in Buenos Aires.

First thing that put a smile on my face was the fact that it is actually summer in South America and I managed to escape the notorious Hamburg weather – BAM. Second thing is: Buenos Aires is beautiful. It is not called the Paris of South America for no reason. There are wide avenues with beautiful Jugendstil and french Rennaissance styled buildings stretching through the city, with cafes on every corner where many Argentinians start their day. I loved to walk through the various districts for hours to take in the vibe, get a glimpse of everyday life and enjoy the unique european charm with a latin american twist.

But I am not only traveling as a tourist. I also try to work remotely to find out about the advantages and disadvantages of working without fixed hours, the everyday commute and office life in general. So far I must say that it works pretty well. With the help of video conferences, version control for software, omnipresent high speed internet and project management tools there is almost no disadvantage or obstacle I could spot so far when it comes to work that can be done on a computer and work that is not sensitive to certain hours.

I am working on two websites and an app in small teams that formed back in Hamburg. We text and conference every now and then to distribute the tasks and make adjustments to the project plan. Other than that everyone is working in a self responsible manner. Of course you can only maintain productivity if everyone puts in the effort and discipline to work with nobody supervising or observing you. But once you got the balance this way to work has a lot of advantages over the classical office life for everyone on the team.

So lets come to the reason why there are no pictures on this post. After two awesome weeks in Buenos aires with spanish lessons, dancing classes, soccer games, lots of new friends from all over the world and a trip to the natural wonder of the Iguazu falls in the north of Argentina I decided to complete my time in Buenos Aires with another natural wonder: the Foo Fighters live in concert. I am a huge Foo Fighters fan and I never saw them live, so I didn't hesitate to get a ticket as soon as I heard they are in BA while I am still there.

I got so exited when they played their first song, that I must have missed the person grabbing my phone right out of my pocket. I immediately knew it was gone when I was not the only one searching the floor for my lost phone. This is a pretty common method at concerts not only in South America so I would advise anyone to keep your phones in a separate bag or just don't bring it to concerts.. Anyways, the Argentinian crowd, 3 hours of mainly greatest hits and the atmosphere of thousands of people singing my favorite rock songs with me in a giant open air stadium made up for the lost phone :). It was a worthwhile goodbye from Argentina.

Right now I am in Mexico City which is awesome and a little crazy as well, so stay tuned for my next post ;)

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