Carsten Beyer and me worked on a language learning platform for the last few months. Quazzel has the aim to make language learning practice simple and effective through video chat conversations.

There are many apps and websites out there that help you to learn a new language and I tried quite a few, since languages is one of my main interests. Most of these apps teach you vocabularies with the help of games, puzzles or through simple repetition. Although I think there is a place for those approaches, I personally believe that the only way to really learn a language is through regular speaking practice.

Quazzel gives people the opportunity to get this speaking practice by talking to people all over the world in their native language. You simply tell us which language you speak fluently and which language you want to learn so we can match you with people that want to learn your native language and teach you theirs in return. Once you have a match you can schedule a date to practice speaking through a high quality integrated video-chat. No fees, costs or unnecessary data required.

We welcome practitioners at all levels. Even and especially if you are a beginner, the language practice will help you to make quick progress.

If your are a language teacher or small language school Quazzel will also be interesting to you since we are going to provide the possibility to teach students on Quazzel at your own hourly rates. That way you can stay in touch with your students and have classes wherever you are and whenever you like. Students will be able to have classes with their favorite teachers at any chosen time even if they live in a different city, country or continent. I will definitely use it to keep learning spanish with my teacher Karo from Portenisima language school in Buenos Aires!

We will start the closed Beta on April 17th 2015 and need your help to fine tune our Android App and the Website. In order to apply for the beta please send us an email to beta@quazzel.it with a short intro, the language you want to teach and the language you want to learn in return. We will then provide you with instructions via email shortly.

Any help and feedback will be highly appreciated and rewarded with a personal gift from us. Support us and write us an email to beta@quazzel.it. Also follow us on twitter, facebook or google+

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