Draft and Craft

Since I returned from traveling I started working as a freelancer again. The advantage of freelancing is that I am flexible enough to still work on Quazzel.it after I finished a freelance job. We have a quite a few registrations on Quazzel and are currently working on the Android App, so there is still a lot to do.

During my previous jobs and startup ventures I got to know a some very skilled freelancers in Hamburg. Most of them are working as self employed contractors and would not be able to take bigger projects that require more people. There are also some job offers that we get as freelancers and could easily forward to others if we can't accept them.

That is why we decided to work together and be available through a unified channel.

I built the website www.draftandcraft.it where you can ask for experts for your project or event or ask us to build a prototype or project for you. There is a listing of our servies and current team with links to each persons xing and linkedIn Profiles. And that is about it.

If you want to make inquiries or connect us with partners that would like to work with us please write to contact@draftandcraft.it.

That is it for now. I will keep you updated on Quazzel, Draftandcraft and whatever comes next :)

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