Founders and Coders

This weekend I decided to visit a friend in London who is part of a great code school program here that I would like to share with you.

The coding school called "Founders and Coders" in east London and started as a meetup group in 2013.

The success of the meetup and the involvement and commitment of the members lead to the founding of the school that offers Javascript and web development training without charging the students.

It is a 16-week program: for the first 8 weeks, students learn fullstack web development, and for the next 8 they will work on paid, external projects with guidance from mentors.

Similar courses easily charge participants thounsands of dollars.

You can apply to Founders and coders on their website at

Their aim is for 100% of their graduates to be earning a living in software development through partnering with companies like Stack Overflow, 8th Light and The Guardian.

I believe that this is a pioneer program setting new standards for how education can be organized to promote talent without charging the students.

I had a talk about digital nomads there yesterday and you can get the slides here

I hope that similar education programs will be started in many other cities so that everyone has equal access to coding education.

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