It has been a while now since I started learning Spanish back in 2012 in Valencia and I have improved quite a bit since then. Right now I’m writing this post from a coworking space in Malaga, in southern Spain, birthplace of Pablo Picasso and Antonio Banderas (I don’t think you can compare these two though :D), where I am visiting a friend the second time this year. When it gets cold in northern Germany I try to transfer to warmer places since I am working remotely anyways. Malaga has a special place in my heart because of the people know here and the lively and welcoming spirit. Besides, it has everything else you can wish for as a remote worker: a vibrant and beautiful city with a beach, long sunny days, great value for your money, delicious food and opportunities to cowork and connect with other founders and freelancers at the local meetups.

The Living Room coworking space run by Ben from Austria in the city center provides everything you need to cowork on flexible rates. I tried another space called El Centro Coworking which looked promising but only offered monthly rates and was fully booked when I got there. It feels like the coworking and freelancing trend has not reached its peak yet with all the new spaces coming up in every bigger European city recently. Hamburg alone harbors more than a dozen spaces now, with new ones like the beehive and Friends Factory opening every month…

After work, my schedule in Malaga is quite tight with soccer games, meetups, hiking trips and parties every evening and I sleep less than 6 hours a night. But paradoxically I don’t feel tired at all, because it is fun and energizing being active all day due to the many options for activities and pleasant climate this time of the year. You can party and drink all night any day during the week and walk home without any safety concerns.

Today is my last day here and I will make the best of it with a soccer game at a venue called Futbol5 on a ceiling of a factory building run by two french guys I met here followed by some drinks at their bar. Until the next time, Hasta Luego Malaga!

Sunny Autumn


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