Remote Work Update

I have been mostly working remotely since late 2014 (see my first bog posts) and it has turned out to be a movement that is embraced by more and more people. Personally I am very happy to see the progress of a topic I am so passionate about.

That being said remote work is not necessarily easier or more efficient than working in an office. It is a different way of work and even requires more self discipline, grit, trust, teamwork and resilience from everyone involved than the normal office work.

The myth of the digital nomad traveling the globe and working from a beach is misleading at best and can be harmful to the perception, execution and acceptance of digital nomads and remote work. Being a nomad for me doesn't mean working less or working from the beach and partying a lot.

Within the last years I discovered that working remotely means probably working more than in a regular office job and it is harder to sustain long term motivation and relationships while living the remote lifestyle. And if productivity, communication loss and professionalism is the price for remote work I do not recommend it.

However I believe that with todays broad band internet connections, global net of coworking spaces, tools like Zoom- which allows for high quality team calls and land line dial in options, Visual Studio Live Share- a great tool for pairprogramming sessions and Slack- the popular team communication chat with tons of helpful integrations and customizable options, it has never been easier and more efficient to work remotely.

The benefits of remote work done right include a reduction in daily commute, global pool of possible job candidates, more satisfied and loyal employees less likely to burn out, an increase of diversity in the team and freedom to travel and build a truly global network.

The bottom line for me is that (long term) remote work needs to be done right and done with the right commitment and seriousness by every member of the remote team. It requires more experience, discipline and engagement than local office work. I also recommend local get togethers of Remote teams from time to time to improve the team spirit and communication.

For me the future of work includes a lot of remote work, with local get together now and again. The benefits of remote work done right outweigh the risks and problems if the team has remote work experience or is lead or instructed correctly with the pitfalls and challenges.

With Global Talent we want to spread our passion for and experience in remote work to a mainstream business environment combined with open book transparency, fair pay and dedicated support for our community of freelancers.

I will keep you updated about our progress in this blog.

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