Gerlent and Glolent Upcoming Improvements

We are constantly working to improve our remote first freelance work platforms and

The learnings of the past two years gave us insight into our market position, unique selling points, customer base and crucial areas to expand and build on.

One of the most important learnings is the importance of our community, our transparency towards our customers and freelancers and a solid strategy to acquire fitting customers worldwide.

To improve our visibility towards new freelancers and customers we are going to create more custom content for our blogs and social media channels.

One content channel will be our podcast about remote work and freelancing that will launch around september. This will be another way to introduce our ideas and community to the public and keep our community engaged with interviews and opportunities to market themselves.

In order to reach more fitting customers we will automate our current referral system with a transparent dashboard and monthly reports to incentivise our community to share open positions and contacts with us and thus help us grow organically in our key markets.

Another measure to get to know more fitting customers in key markets like the Germany, US, UK, Japan and Dubai will be strategic cooperations with brand ambassadors in each region who are also incentivised with a share of our commission in case of success.

All these measures are based on our practical experience in the last years however it is a trial and error approach and we have to make a lot of adjustments along the way.

The next few months are going to be exciting and challenging and I am looking forward to see what works and what doesn’t and keep you posted in this blog.

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