The Future of AI

Recently I started getting more interested in machine learning again. There is an interesting Bloomberg series on Tech Innovation called 'Hello World' and episode 4 focuses on AI

interviewing AI experts from all over the world about the subject and explaining the basics of machine learning techniques and neural networks.

Back in 2011 I wrote an iPad 1 Real Time Strategy game with a self learning AI for my final thesis in the AI department of FU Berlin run by Raul Rojas:

A Multiplatform RTS Game with Machine Learning AI

Back then platforms like Open AI which focuses on providing free software for training and experimenting with AI algorithms or Tensorflow , Google's open source machine learning framework were not as easily accessible.

Nowadays every year new barriers are broken by researchers and Google's frameworks are a major source of innovation.

This article covers how an AI learns to play GTA only based on the screen output as an input for its reinforcement algorithm.

In 2017 Google’s AI beat the best human Go player for the first time, a game that has a far bigger decision tree than chess:

In one of its latest demos Google has also shown off the power and complexity of their virtual assistant which can be utilized via their API.

Another impressive breakthrough are the humanoid robots built by Boston Dynamics:

These robots will go into mass production in 2019 and are able to walk difficult terrains, open doors, walk stairs, stabilize their balance and get up again after they have fallen down among other things.

I am looking into Trossen Robotics Research Kits as well.

Trossen Robotics provides programmable controllers, arms, humanoids and robot parts for research and experimentation purposes.

Another interesting usecase are drones. Here is a video showing how they can be used to deliver blood supplies to hospitals in areas that are not easily accessible by cars: provides an API to create software for drone platforms.

My plan is to build a few demo applications with some of these frameworks and platforms and build a broad knowledge base in these areas of AI during the nexts months and years.

I will keep you updated with the results in this blog, so stay tuned :)

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