Routine as a Remote Worker

Remote work is on the rise and getting more popular every year. It comes with a lot of freedoms and opportunities for workers and employers but also holds challenges that are specific to working remotely and not having the typical office environment with fixed hours, social interaction and daily routines.

Remote workers often struggle with building a routine because there is no actual need to have one if your engagement allows flexible hours. In my experience there are a lot of benefits to following a predefined daily routine for a longer period of time though.

Little things like fixed wakeup and bed hours, a calm office environment and similar times for meals can help to focus on solving work-related problems and to maintain a low stress level with high workloads.

Even small disturbances like non-work-related calls, package deliveries, a noisy environment or being exhausted from staying up too long the night before can have a big effect on your state of mind and your ability to focus.

This is why I have recently tried to make some changes in the right direction. Renting my own office was a big part of this decision because it allows me to reduce noises and disturbances from other people while still being able to work away from home and to maintain a separation between my private and professional life.

I am trying to make my office as comfortable as possible, so that it almost seems like a second apartment that I work from to have a relaxed work environment that enables me to spend energy on working on new ideas, developing software and managing our teams at Gerlent and Glolent. At first the monthly rent and commitment kept me from renting an office but I decided that a potential improvement in productivity and well-being is worth the invest.

These measures may seem a little bit rigid but its not about following them 100% of the time but more about raising my awareness towards the little things during the day.

Especially as self employed remote workers it is important for us to maintain a healthy lifestyle and rythm because these things are not enforced by our work environments anymore.

I am sure that many remote workers go through similar experiences. If you are a remote worker and want to share your experiences and also look out for new contracting opportunities you can visit Gerlent and Glolent. We are organizing remote working communities where we support each other with challenges and share opportunities.


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