Private Office

I wrote in a previous post about my new office in Malaga and I want to go into more detail in this post on why I decided to rent it.

The Living Room Coworking Space is still my favorite coworking space and one of the big reasons why I came to Malaga in the first place. I am still working at TLR about once a week although I have my own office in walking distance. There are some problems that arise with working in a coworking space with a lot of coworkers though.

When I am working full time in a coworking space I found out that having more than a handful of people in the same room can be distracting at times, especially if I am on calls at the same time as some of the other coworkers. Meeting rooms and phone booths are definitely helpful to tackle this problem but they are often booked out during normal business hours.

Another issue is that many coworking spaces do not provide 24/ 7 access and you are generally not free to choose your perfect desk/ workplace in the space since the well located fixed desks are often already reserved by other coworkers.

Additionally, a very good argument for an own space is to be able to choose your coworkers and build a community that is more selective and symbiotic in its business ventures.

The reason for having my office space is to create an exclusive space and community for creators so we can focus on being productive and creating great products with 24/7 access and a lot of square meters of space for each person.

To get there I still need to put a lot of thought and effort into this project. Especially since the office is in a building that has been recently built and I am actually the first occupant I need to install and provide many of the basic amenities of a shared office, like desks, meeting rooms, a kitchen, air conditioning and furniture in order to be able to open it to potential coworkers.

I am in the middle of this process with a lot of changes coming up in the next 1-2 months and will write about the progress in the next post, including infos about the office warming party and more pictures.

So as always, stay tuned!

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