Malaga Next Coworking

I have recently started to advertise my office space in Malaga, Cerrado de Calderon to find some coworkers and will share my experience here.

The office is very beautiful but comes with a couple of challenges, like sound and temparature insulation because of the 5 meter high ceilings. The main challenge though is the location. It is just 6 kms away from the center of Malaga but located on a small mountain mountain (Spanish Cerrado) which makes it less accessible.

Only one bus line (33 Line) is connected, so the best way to get here is by car. From my first experience and conversations with potential coworkers this is a challenge because the most important factor they make out for a coworking space is well connected or close to their homes.

I chose to rent the office because it is close to where I live (15 minute walk up the mountain) but the area is not very populated (one of the reasons why I like it) so it could be a challenge to fill the space. On a positive note, there is another coworking space in the same building and many offices are rented by companies so I suspect that there must be a market :).

Also I am not really looking for a lot of people. 2-4 rented desks would totally suffice. I will keep you updated here about the journey and until then I will enjoy the luxury of the biggest solo office in the world :D.

If you know someone who could be interested to rent a desk in the space please feel free to share my space's website:

Malaga Next Coworking

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