Remote Job Market

The Remote Job Market is constantly evolving and new opportunities and remote companies are gaining traction with the big players like Automaticc and Basecamp going strong. It is a movement that gains traction and popularity among the digital workforce and people who would like to have more flexibility in their lives.

We have finally released our new version of our Gerlent - German Talent and Glolent - Global Talent apps with an API based backend and an independent React JS frontend. Feel free to give me feedback about the general appearance and UX. There is also a GraphQL playground with test data on our staging environment: Test it out here which you can use to integrate our API with your App. In case you would like to get a production token please write me a message.

After several years in the freelance remote job market I realized that a lot of people are still looking for a good source remote full time opportunities for companies that don’t use remote work as a reason to pay less and offer attractive work environments. This is why I recently published RemoteJobMarket - RJM - A platform for high quality remote jobs. Please feel free to subscribe and let me know your opinion.

Remote work is still not where it should be and it's mainly because of a lack of high quality remote jobs and their limited visibility. I think that working remotely should not pay less, just because you have more freedom. In fact the cost for the company is even less as they don’t have to provide an office and other amenities. From a sustainability perspective you don’t only spare your employees commute, your company also causes a lot less traffic negative emissions. There is a real management overhead and a learning curve to manage remote teams but it should be regarded as an investment in the future of your company and has been proven possible by a lot of companies out there. Some of my favorites are listed on the Remote Job Market Company List. My goal is that RJM will contribute to the remote work movement and highlight companies that understand how to work remotely.

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