3 months of Lockdown

The last 3 months, like so many other people in Europe and especially in Spain, I spent in a rather restrictive lockdown. That being said, my fiance and I are very privileged to have been able to work from home during the pandemic. Our work life did not change a lot, although the events were still very stressful to watch and follow. The most invasive change was not being able to leave the house except for grocery shopping and urgent appointments for a period of more than 2 months. The lockdown in Spain was especially restrictive since the country was one of the centers of the pandamic in Europe with more than 900 daily Covid-19 related deaths recorded per day at some point.

The center of the pandemic in Spain was in Madrid, where most cases occured and spread in early March. At some point it was so bad that they had to setup temporary facilities for the deceased, because hospitals and cemeteries could not handle the situation and surplus of needed capacities.

Malaga on the other hand was having generally few cases and dealt with the pandemic relatively early in the cycle so that it did not escalate too badly here. The restrictions in Malaga were the same as in Madrid and all the other parts of Spain Though. So for the most part it was prohibited to leave the house except for essential work and grocery shopping, so I ended up spending a lot of time at home.

I used the time to reflect and plan the next steps for Gerlent.com, Remotejobmarket and my career in general. In the next months I will try to share updates gradually as they happen.

With the extra time at hand and a natural need for distraction I also started rediscovering and playing more video games on the Nintendo Switch, among them Gems like Diablo 3, Trials of Mana and Dragon Quest 11. Of course there was a lot of streaming going on in our household and an extensive use of Netflix and Disney Plus, the latter one almost entirely for the Star Wars Spinoff Series "The Mandolorian", celebrated on the internet with Baby Yoda memes, rightfully so :).

Although I had some good distractions at hand I am happy that we are slowly reopening after 3 months of lockdown. Since about two weeks the Spanish government started to de-escalate the isolation measures and will hopefully further ease the restrictions over the next weeks. This has to be done very carefully and I am sure some restrictions will stay with us us througout the year.

Hopefully the rest of 2020 will be more focused on creative work and normal leisure activities. So like always stay tuned for updates and news!

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